RTVA, Canal Sur Granada. 2002.

1st. Prize in Competition.
Selected for the García Paredes award.

The objective was to design a building that looked at the city and was as respectful as possible to the environment. The building is breaking, establishing a dialogue with the natural profile of the terrain, which making a contrast with the strict geometry of its interior where all the dependencies are organized around a central courtyard. The diffuse light that falls on the patio cover through a light sieve, floods and qualifies the lobby space.
The reflected light that is introduced by the great eye that looks at the city, is perceived almost from the entrance, causing a call effect that invites to the route.


Project: Production Center of RTVA
Location: Residential Bola de Oro in Granada
Promoter: RTVA-Canal Sur
Finalization: Year 2001

Architect: José Ángel Ferrer
Technical Architect: Otingar

Collaborators: JG Engineers
Contratist: UTE Corsán-Corviam

Total Cost: 1.809.834,49 €
Constructed Area: 1.196,75 m2

Magazine “Periódico de Arquitectura”, nº 8. Granada. November 2005