North Mediterranean Health Center. Almería. 2007.

1st. Prize in Competition.


The building consists of a ground floor and a first floor, with a basement used as a garage and warehouses. The roof terrace is accesible only for maintenance. The center is structured around a sequence of lightwell that allow ventilation and lighting of the different rooms. It presents a contemporary exterior image, based on a perforated ceramic prism that sits and rests on a volume finished in prefabricated concrete panels. The gorund floor contains the entrance and reception, an administration area, adult clinic, minor surgery, pediatric clinic and support services. The first floor houses health education, the staff area and support services. 


Project: Centro de Salud Mediterráneo Norte

Location: Avda. del Mediterráneo s/n. Almería. 

Promoter: Servicio Andaluz de Salud

Finalization: 2010

Architect: José Ángel Ferrer

Technical Architect: Manuel Alonso

External Collaborators: Laboratorio ICC

Contratist: Construcciones Tejera

Constructed Area: 1.352,38 m2