Mobile Classroom


Adaptation to and implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) requires a new university campus design which allows students to make the most out of their time and exploits all the available resources to the full (light, sun, sea, views, protected areas, etc.) by using a variety of alternatives. This forms the basis for the two driving elements: the Mobile Classroom (or the CEI international classroom) and the Sustainable Network.

The Mobile Classroom will be a meeting point for the entire university community. From here you will be able to interact with different people at the university located in different places. The Sustainable Network will serve as a base for the location of the various mobile classrooms and will bring together the entire campus. In addition, the Sustainable Network will stretch right up to the sea with the aim of integrating the sea front with the university. Thus, the Mobile Classroom and Sustainable Network represent the two driving elements behind the new links that have to be established across universities included among the new Campuses of International Excellence (CEI), taking sustainability criteria into account.