Ego Sport Center. Almería. 2010.

1st Prize in Competition

The project is located in one of the most important plots in the centre of Almeria which was occupied by the old Ismael Moratón Sports Complex. The intervention keeps the building of the 25 m indoor pool built for the Mediterranean Games and demolishes the remaining existing buildings. At the corner of Cabo de Gata Avenue and Angel Jover Street, an L-shaped building in two heights is designed to house the Sports Centre and other commercial uses that complement an interesting range of servicesfor citizens. The roofs are occupied by a series of paddle and other sports courts. This L-shaped building gives access to the entire complex, which is situated below a flyingbody in the corner that marks the entrance to the building and which results in adouble-height lobby where the reception is located.
The facades are designed to seek crossed visions of the sea and the city landmarkssuch as the Mineral Loading Platform providing adequate thermal and solar protection. The facades are configured as a white concrete shell of variable sizes depending on the requirements of light, views, acoustic protection of the adjacent buildings and so on.
The performance is complemented by another area of public and commercial use on the Paseo Marítimo and the retractable roof of the existing Olympic pool that will allow its use at any time of the year.


Project: Ismael Moratón Sport Center
Promoter: UTE CDS Almadrabillas

Architect: José Ángel Ferrer
Technical Architect: Antonio Pérez

Internal Collaborators in project phase:  Raúl Vallejo, Javier de Simón, Antonio Palenzuela, Antonio García, Ismael Motos, Rafael Robles, Pedro Seguí y José Espín
Internal Collaborators in worh phase: Raúl Vallejo, Antonio Palenzuela, Ismael Motos, Pedro Seguí y José Espín
External Collaborators: E3i, Eycom
Contratist: Construcciones Tejera y FACTO

Photography: David Frutos

Constructed Area: 13.571,80 m²

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