“Los Almendros” Social Center

1st. Prize in Competition

A covered public square: this was the initial idea behind the design that has been seen through to the end. Its elevated and privileged location in one of the routes into Almería, ensure that this design places a strong emphasis on the view. The terrace in the café hangs over the site, providing a sensation of weightlessness set against the round presence of the roof that emerges from the ground. Several different and complementary uses are grouped together under the title of “integration centre”, which is reflected on the exterior by different forms. Each use is translated into various separate blocks that interact with each other, underneath the imposing presence of the huge roof that provides the whole centre with the necessary unity.


Project: “Los Almendros” Social Center
Location: Street Sierra de Tabernas, s/n, Almería
Promoter:Town hall of almería
Finalization: Year 2009

Architect: José Ángel Ferrer
Technical Architect: Manuel Alonso

Internal Collaborators : Antonio García, Javier de Simón, Fernando Mateos, Miguel García Haro, Antonio Palenzuela
External Collaborators: Sondeal, Secoal Ingenieros
Contratist: UTE Copsa-Salcoa
Photography: David Frutos

Total cost: 2.702.191,00 €
Constructed Area: 2.918,84 m2

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Newspaper: La Voz de Almería. “Los Almendros”. 29/02/2010
Newspaper: La Voz de Almería. “Los Almendros”. 20/03/2011